Sony Michel Authentic Jersey How to call cell phone in Russia

How to call cell phone in Russia

Calling a cell phone number in Russia is not much different than calling a land line.  At times it might get confusing though, since Russian cell phone numbers can contain digits that you must not dial when calling internationally.

Dial a cell phone number just like you would dial a regular landline one.  If you are calling from the United States, dial 011-7-Area Code-Number.

Note: When it comes to Russian mobile numbers, area code isn't an area code in the same sense as in America, for example.  It's not connected to any georgraphical area.  Rather, it is what is called Federal Code in Russia.  Each mobile provider has it's own Federal Code.  Thus you might not be able to tell where the person you are calling is residing, you could only figure out his or her cell phone service provider.

As far as the extra digits in a Russian cell phone number, always remember to ignore the 8 (if it's in the beginning of the phone number) or the plus (+) sign when you call a mobile phone in Russia from overseas.

Here is a far more complete information about how to call a Russian cell phone number.  You will also find the best rates on calls to Russian mobile phones there (toward the middle of the page on the right, or use the search rates form).

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how to send sms
2 Friday, 19 August 2011 12:26
tio for sending sms
sms can send from nepal cell to russia cell
1 Friday, 19 August 2011 12:24
sms is send to russia cell it is delivered but i dont knoe whether receiver receive or not

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