Sony Michel Authentic Jersey Phone cards for Russia

Phone cards for Russia

By far the cheapest and most convenient way to call Russia is by using a phone card.

Phone cards have the right combination of price and convenience when it comes to making international phone calls.


My personal choice for calling Russia is the Jupiter phone card from Russia Call. While it doesn't have the lowest rate to Russia of all the cards, I use it mainly for the convenience of having just one card to call Russia from the US and have my mom use the same card in St. Petersburg, Russia. I've used it myself to call America when traveling in Russia, both from home phone and mobile lines. I've been using this card for several years now.

What's good about this card is that it doesn't have any connection fees. There is no expiration, no maintenance fee, etc. Works great if you are planning to make a few calls over a long period of time. If you are planning to make long calls in short time, it would be more economical to try other cards with lower rates that charge a small connection fee.

How to select a phone card to call Russia

  1. Search for the phone cards to call Russia
  2. Analyze all the criteria: rates, maintenance fees, connection fees. If you need to make a few lengthy calls, maintenance and connection fees are not that important. If you plan to use the card often over a longer period of time, you might be better off going for a slightly higher rate but with no fees.
  3. Check the access numbers. You will get the lowest rate if you use a local access number instead of a toll free one. If there is no local number for you, you can still get the lowest rate by using your cell phone to call a local number if you have free nationwide long distance on your mobile plan.
  4. Purchase the card you pick. Russia call uses VeriSign for secure transaction, you can also use PayPal. Once the payment goes through, you will receive instructions in your e-mail and also can view them in your account.
  5. Follow the instruction to make a call.

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