Sony Michel Authentic Jersey How to call when traveling outside US

How to call when traveling outside US

One of the most common mistakes people make when traveling overseas is not thinking about the means of communicating from abroad. Well, they sort of think about it, assuming they will be able to charge the calls to their hotel bill or ask their friends if they can use the phone.

Charging your phone call to your hotel bill will be expensive, just like about anything else in the hotel. Asking your friends to use their phone is sometimes awkward, as people in general are not comfortable with services they don't use too often, figuring it will cost them too much (and they are right.)

You can also use your credit card to place a call via an operator, but here again costs will be prohibitive (add to that the currency conversion fee your credit card will charge.) Besides, most people try to minimize their credit card usage, especially if they are unsure of the location they are in.

Add to that the language barrier: will you be able to communicate your request to place an international call in Spanish? Or in French or in Russian?

Why not try the easiest, most secure way of taking care of your international calling needs from overseas by making sure you have a means to call back before you travel abroad? Buy a phone card that works wherever you are planning to go overseas!


  • Buy from a trusted company based in USA
  • Instantly receive dialing instructions and PIN number in English
  • Your credit card payment is guaranteed to be secure
  • Save up to 95% on your calls from overseas
Ready to see how it works?
  1. Select the country you will be calling from when traveling overseas
  2. Select the country you want to call (e.g. USA Continental)
  3. Press the Search button
  4. Pick the card on the site and read the instructions containing toll free and local access number for a country of your choice

International Phone Cards offers phone cards that work in virtually any country:

Cloncom has phone cards that work in most countries as well:


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