Sony Michel Authentic Jersey Get your own toll-free number

Get your own toll-free number

Ever thought about getting your own toll free 1-800 number? The number we are talking about is a 1-800 number typically used in the US and Canada. However, it can be set up to redirect the call to any phone number in any country. Which means you can set it up for international calling as well.


  • Business. Your own toll free number is a sign of professionalism. Your clients are more likely to make that toll free call as opposed to a long distance one.
  • Family. Got kids away in college? Got family on the other side of the country? Long distance charges are no longer a barrier, or an excuse.
  • Emergencies. Cell phones don't work all the time. Give the people you'd like to stay in touch with an alternative to costly collect calls.
You can certainly set up your own toll free number through a phone company. In case you don't want to go through the trouble and the monthly costs, not to mention all the fees, give your own toll free number a try with an investment as low as $5. Find out more about getting your own toll free number.

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