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Russia Phone Cards. International calls. Instructions.

Direct dial phone cards

Would you like to dial a US number and be automatically connected to any number overseas without dialing any PIN, access codes, or a long string of international numbers?  Use our Direct Dial feature.


International calls from USA to Russia

Calls from USA to RussiaSimple to understand instructions on how to make overseas calls from US to Russia.  Russia Cards is an American site specializing in international calls to the Russian Federation.  We offer you detailed and complete directions in a simple to understand and use manner. 


When is the good time to call Russia. Russian Time Zones.

What's a good time to call Russia?  This is an important question when planning to making an international call to the Russian Federation.  Depending on where you live and where the person you are calling lives in Russia, the time difference might be play a big role in your plans to call overseas.  The following information will help you figure out the right time to make your calls.


Phone cards: best way to call Russia

Russian phone cardsWhat is the cheapest way to call Russia?  Why use phone cards to call Russia when there are other means to do so, such as using your long distance provider at home or at the place of your business, or using your mobile phone plan minutes?  How about the phone cards you can buy at a retail location, are they better than the phone cards from Russia Cards?  What about the internet calls that claim you can call Russia or any other country for free?  Read on and decide for yourself if the phone cards from Russia Cards are best for you.


How to buy a phone card for Russia

How to buy phone card to call RussiaRussia Cards offers an instant secure purchase of the best phone cards right here online.  If you need to get the right card that suits your international calling needs, you will find the buying process straightforward and simple.  Be assured that your purchases are safe and secure.


Buy phone cards with PayPal without credit cards

Buy phone cards with PayPalAre you looking for a way to buy a phone card without using a credit card?  If for any reason you'd rather not use a credit card for online purchase, we offer you easy and secure payment for phone cards using PayPal.


Best phone card to call Russia

Best phone card to call RussiaSelecting the best phone card to call Russia is an easy process using convenient search engines offered on Russia Cards.  Yet selecting the best card is more than buying the cheapest one offered.  Before you purchase a card you should determine your exact needs.  The following questions and answers will help you choose the right phone card for your international calls to Russia.


How to buy a phone card

Buy phone card using credit cardBuying a phone card from Russia Cards is a very simple process that takes just a few minutes.  Your purchase is secure and you will receive your phone card immediately.  In no time at all you will be able to make international calls to Russia or any other country.


Phone cards to call Russia

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Russia phone cardsRussia Cards offers you the best rates on phone card calls to Russia. We choose only the most reliable telecommunications providers to fulfill your international calling needs. Special savings on international calls to Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. We bring you not only the savings on your overseas calls to Russia but also clear instructions, tips, how-to advice and dialing directions for your international phone calls to the Russian Federation. We also explain how to call USA and any other country from Russia.


Safe and secure phone card payments

Secure credit card payments for phone cardsRussia Cards provides you with a means to pay securely for the phone cards using credit and debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. All of your credit card information remains private and is never made available to us.  We use an outside payment system provided by the leader in online payments for all the credit card transactions. simply notifies us of the successful payment, no other data is transmitted. We also accept PayPa as a payment for phone cardsl.


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