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Russia Phone Cards. International calls. Instructions.

Using American cell phones in Russia and Europe

American cell phones in RussiaCan I use my American cell phone in Russia?  It depends on your mobile phone.  All major American cell phone companies do offer global roaming capabilities with their phones, allowing you to make calls in Europe in general and in Russia in particular.


How to make international calls from Russia

Overseas calls from RussiaMaking an international call from Russia has become an easy task even for those visitors to Russia who have no experience with international calling from a foreign country.  If you are planning a trip to the Russian Federation or have family and friends there that might benefit from you providing them with a cheap and convenient way to call you then read more about calling USA or any other country from Russia.


How to dial an international number from Russia

How to dial international number from RussiaVery useful information especially for those who are unfamiliar with dialing rules in Russia.  If you want to make an international call from the Russian Federation the instructions are fairly simple, yet it's worth learning about some key differences.  For example, Russian land lines do not use tone dialing.  Makes it somewhat different from what you might be used to in the US, Canada, and many other countries.  The pulse dialing especially comes into play when considering that the phone cards require tone dialing.  Do not worry, you can still use our phone cards in Russia, simply read the easy instructions.


How to call USA from overseas. International calls to America from abroad.

Call USA from overseasIf you are planning a trip overseas or have relatives and friends that live abroad then you will find the information about making international calls to the United States very useful.  Making calls back home to US is easy and not expensive thanks to the international phone cards you can use in virtually any country around the world.


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