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Own phone card online store

If you have basic HTML knowledge you can create your own online phone card shop.  Sell phone card from your own site and receive commission on all your sales.  Earn money using our free partner program.

A brief overview of our own phone card shop program:

  • Get an instant free domain name in our shopping platform subdomain or use your own.
  • Choose from dozens of ready-to-use templates or make your own design.
  • Upload your own graphics and use your own styles.
  • Powerful tools such as search forms, data imports, banners and graphics.

Earn money selling phone cards

  • Receive commission for all the sales on your own phone card site.
  • Commission up to 13%.
  • Attract more partners and receive additional bonus.
  • Receive your commission via PayPal or check.

You only have to create your shop, we take care of the rest.  Simply open your shop and promote it.  You don't have to worry about payment transactions, customer support, etc.

Open your own shop now!




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